Cemo Basen Talks about the Pressure of Being under the Limelight and the Importance of Being Grounded

Famed social media influencer, Cemo Basen (@cemo_basen on Instagram) has worked with several brands and models and has been the face of quite a few social media campaigns. In all of his works, he has shown his audience the utmost enthusiasm and respect for the profession. His social media collaborations have often become the talk of the town. He is quite well known for the content that he creates.

Dedication, paired with a charismatic personality is the ideal recipe for the formulation of success that one needs to survive and thrive in the world of glamour, and unsurprisingly that is the apt description of Cemo Basen.

After his collaboration with the Miguel Willson collection went viral, Cemo Basen has been steadily climbing up the ranks of social media influencers. However, with fame, he has also come to realize how important it is to connect with his followers, to show them that while he might be famous, he is still similar to other people, he experiences the emotions, and has his own quirky traits, is just as passionate about his likes and dislikes as any other individual would be.

When he was asked about his feelings with regard to the pressure he faces since he has started getting into the limelight, he said,“ When I am not in my zone making videos, I am just an awkward kid.” As established before, he is supremely dedicated to his content creation, and always aspires to work harder, to achieve more.

His enthusiasm and his work ethic have inspired a lot of other people especially his followers, in recent times they have seen Cemo Basen collaborate with a number of models and brands, but he has made sure to make his page feel elegant yet cozy for those who follow him.

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