Certified Ethical Hacker Entrepreneur Saud Bin Ahmed providing “Technical Support” across UAE. 

With the advent of new tech and better gadgets our lifestyle has become more and more incorporated with technology. Entrepreneur Saud Bin Ahmed, the genius cyber security expert, International Expert In Information System and the Founder and CEO of Technical Support, a UAE based Tech Company reveals that cybersecurity is the something that the corporation and companies should start prioritising now. 

Saud bin Ahmed is an international expert in information security and is the United States of America certified ethical hacker, who with his observations and sound technical knowledge has become one of the leading entrepreneurs in the field. Ahmed, born in 1985, in the United Arab Emirates is a Public Figure , Digital Creator, Entrepreneur, Awareness film director, Animation Creator and has also been Unlimited Technology Presenter At Sharjah Radio. 

Bachelor of business administration Major in information systems, Entrepreneur Saud Bin Ahmed is absolutely loved by his community of techno friendly people and he sports more than 129k followers on his Instagram handle where he posts his views on various cyberspace discussions. General manager of Technical support, Saud Bin Ahmed is a genius when it comes to securing websites & Electronic accounts. They provide Services of securing electronic accounts and the servers from hackers. They also provide services to close the gaps for the dangerous ports in the websites and servers, troubleshooting the technical issues in social media, helping to recover hacked accounts, producing awareness videos to people etc.

Each and everyone of us dreams and majority of us do not even get to pursue those dreams because of societal pressure. We must understand that when we do something of our choice then success in that career automatically becomes easier to achieve. Entrepreneur Yasses message to youngsters out there is that- you should avoid being influenced by anyone and follow your dreams with cent percent dedication. Once you do that success will be just a matter of time.

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