Changing the narrative for Indian Moms, Harpreeth Suri ChangeMaker 2021

Being facilitated as ChangeMaker Year 2021, Harpreeth Suri is a name synonymous with fashion, lifestyle and parental programmes. With her dynamic and go-getter spirit she is not only empowering women entrepreneurs and promoting small brands but also cheering up people and looking after their wellness in today’s unpredictable scenario.  

Harpreeth could you please tell us about yourself.

I am Harpreeth Suri, an influencer, a blogger with a mission to touch hearts and lives with all optimism. I regard it as my professional responsibility to help women realize their potential and explore their capability as entrepreneurs, homemakers, parents, or in any other role. Currently, mentoring Femina Mrs. India, I also promote women-led small ventures and homegrown brands. I have also been associated with brands like Dyson, Salvatore Ferragamo, VIACOM, Amazon, Dune, Jimmy Choo, Coach, Mariott Hotels, BMW and many more as a fashion and lifestyle commentator.

In these grim times, when people are ill, jobless and losing their livelihoods, how do you keep up with your mission of touching hearts?

In order to keep people’s spirits soaring high, especially children, I have initiated many programmes where these little ones are engaged in mindful activities.  In order to pay respect to doctors who have selflessly been serving us, I took up an online workshop with over eight hundred children across Asia. The children were asked to create cards and souvenirs as a token of appreciation. These tokens of love were sent out and bought joy to many.

Children being very special to me, I sent out immunity-boosting pre-mixes to them creating awareness on healthy eating habits. I had organized specialized masks for mommy bloggers, spreading the message of safety, hygiene and precaution. Physical fitness, the prime concern we face today and also a cure to many lifestyle diseases was the core subject of one such programme. So, we curated various activities for children instilling in them the benefits of healthy nutrition and yoga. The camp concluded with joyful music and dance activities.

Do you also have specialized programmes for parents?

As a mother of two, I am always on the lookout for innovative ideas that could help reinforce parental relationships. There is a constant need to nurture the developing minds of children especially with exposure to media and gadgets. So, I thought of the best use of gadgets. Grandparents yearn for the love and attention of their grandchildren. With the objective of diverting the attention of children from today’s unpredictable times and teaching children family values, I facilitated the building of bonds between grandchildren and grandparents via various online programmes and activities. I also see a rising panic in parents whose children are eligible for school or who have been admitted but have not got a chance to attend school. Therefore, I am working on the development of a book and pamper packages to aid mothers whose children fall under the age bracket of 2-4 years. The idea behind this is to build a deeper understanding of concepts during the foundation years of children who still haven’t got a chance to go to school because of the pandemic.

Are you also working towards the vaccination of children and how far do you think it can be made a successful drive in our country?

Children are our strength. As adults, it is our responsibility to offer them a carefree childhood that they cherish. As an endeavour to keep every child happy and healthy, I have requested various organizations and brands to offer surprises to children who are vaccinated. This way I hope to reach out to innumerable parents and children, creating awareness. By offering discounts and surprises, these brands are ensuring the safety and wellbeing of children.  After all, it is these young children who shall shape the planet and make it a better place. Therefore, I feel vaccination is the need of the hour and no matter what, every child deserves a healthy future so they can chase their dreams and reach their goals.

Awarded by the Times of India as India’s number one mom blogger and honoured by Dr. Kiran Bedi for her outstanding contribution towards mothers, Harpreeth Suri stands tall as the most searched mom blogger on Google and other social media platforms. Entitled by Viral Bhayani as “The Mom who rocks Instagram in India”, Harpreeth is working tirelessly on developing programmes that assist parents in raising their children. Being the face that is always trending on Instagram, she has been titled “Women who rock IGTV in India” along with Masoom Minawala and Kusha Kapila. Harpreeth’s revolutionary thought process on parenting has made her an exemplary figure amongst moms giving them hope in these grim times of online schooling.

A leading influencer today, she hopes to positively influence every household she can reach out to, focusing on helping them establish a safe, healthy and happy future. 

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