Dawn of Digital Learning: Online Education Revolutionizes Modern Academia

Online education—a path chosen by many, yet to be chosen by plenty. Online education has become a gateway for endless learning possibilities. Even if you are a home parent, a busy professional, or a potential learner, online education offers you flexibility, accessibility, and growing aspects to achieve your educational goals. Is online education introducing a new medium of teaching the learning process? Well, the growth of virtual education has replaced the paths of chalk and slate in educational institutions. In this era, we celebrate the growing season of online education and its impact on the teaching-learning process.

Pinaz Sahnia Ahmed, a prolific content writer and accomplished author puts light on Dawn of digital Learning.

Why do learners choose online education over traditional courses? Through online education, students have found profound joy in being able to choose the patterns of gaining knowledge with a sense of flexibility. These days, students can choose what they want to study when they want to study, and by whom they want to be trained. Online education gives you, a learner, the chance to make your own choice. The time has passed when students stay worried about missing a class and missing out on notes. Online education offers the feasibility for a learner to access course material and study notes at any point in time. It has become easier for learners to balance studies with other responsibilities such as family and work.

According to UNESCO, around 1.2 billion children were brought out of class due to the Covid-19 pandemic. With the pandemic, bringing several other changes in the lives of individuals, the education system has also taken a sharp turn. The pandemic has increased the demand for online learning so that students who were not allowed to attend classes can sit back home and complete their courses. It is to be noted that the adoption of online learning during the pandemic period has also come with several difficulties for both learners and teachers. One of the major drawbacks of introducing online learning was the access to the internet. However, soon after the pandemic was over, the concept of online education remained intact among learners.

As per the reports of Market Insider, the demand for technology and its adoption in the education sector began before the pandemic. The global Edtech investments touched US$18.66 billion in 2019. As a further prospect, the overall market for online learning was estimated to touch $350 billion by 2025. Online platforms like Unacademy, Byjus, and more have gained higher responses from learners choosing online courses throughout and post-pandemic. Moreover, China decided that more than a quarter of a billion students will continue with online classes as a permanent medium of education.

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There is a high surge in the demand for online education by learners increasing to 220 million from 300,000 between 2019 to 2021. It has further increased due to the pandemic. According to the recent analysis of the Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System, distance education universities have increased their enrollment by 11 per cent. With digital learning, students are capable of utilising various technical elements such as video calls, google chats, voice control, interactive webinars, and online sessions.

In India, there is a surge in the number of online learners because of the importance of digital certificates like regular certificates. It is a myth for learners that digital courses offering certificates are not valid for government and private high-paying jobs. Indian education policy has held a mission to introduce online technical classes for more than 50 crores of the working population, providing a solution for the learning enthusiast. You can choose to take up an online course if you are busy on weekdays with an official task. Online programs also offer alternative classes on weekends. Moreover, you can score well even if you have missed a few sessions because the course notes are available on the digital platform 24*7.

Several states in India have a gap in the literacy rate of girls and boys. Online education has offered girls the chance to get an education and has increased the rate of literacy. Online education offers accessibility to take up courses virtually which motivates parents to allow their girl child to take up courses along with household duties which is the dominant task for major Indian families. According to the 2011 Census report, Rajasthan records the lowest female literacy of 28% male against 16.7% female ratio. Online education has paved the way for girls’ education in the nation.

Reflecting on career opportunities, online education offers certificates and confirmation of acquisition of knowledge for students as a valid report card. The growth of remote working opportunities has also opened up various opportunities for students to choose online degrees. Major universities in India like Amity University, Chandigarh University, IGNOU, and more, have introduced quality-oriented online courses for learners. The curriculum design for online courses is done through learned individuals in the education sector. It holds major specialisations, virtual lab classes, and thesis submissions, just like regular courses in the universities.

Online education is the formation of a new world, and it has introduced countless benefits to learners. With the advent of technology, online education is growing and will keep its pace. Technology has made it possible for individuals to ease up the teaching-learning process. Moreover, it has allowed individuals to balance their responsibilities along with completing their educational objectives.

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