Following in the footsteps of Sushmita Sen, India has once again made history in the Philippines!

Mrs. Kalpana Shukla etched her name in the journals of glory as the first Indian to secure the first-runner up position in the 46-year journey of the Mrs. Universe Pageant. The Grand Finale of the Mrs. Universe Pageant 2023 took place on October 8th in Manila, Philippines, where Kalpana triumphantly secured the first-runner up position in a tough competition of 91 participants.

Adding to her illustrious achievement, Kalpana also earned the prestigious title of ‘the Best National Costume.’ This magnificent creation, crafted by the talented Designer Melvyn Dominic Noronha, paid homage to her Mrs. India UK title. It commemorated the 1-year Office Holding Anniversary of the esteemed UK Prime Minister, Mr. Rishi Sunak, the first individual of Indian and Asian origin to assume the role of British Prime Minister. Furthermore, it symbolized the struggle against the demons of a colonial past, juxtaposed with the inherent Indian heart that serves the world with boundless empathy.

Behind this remarkable success stands Kalpana’s National Director, Mrs. Urmi Boruah, who tirelessly worked day and night to ensure Kalpana’s brilliance shone through in the Pageant. Urmi assembled an exceptional team, and Kalpana’s victory was destined from the stars.

The dedicated team left no stone unturned in preparing for the Pageant’s critical scoring areas. The forum, a pinnacle event, required all participants to address the pressing issue of domestic violence. Kalpana’s presentation, titled ‘Break the Silence,’ was executed flawlessly, leaving a lasting impact.

This victory is a testament to the unwavering dedication of Mrs. Kalpana, Mrs. Urmi Boruah, and the entire UMB Elegant Monarch team. It’s a demonstration of the incredible potential of the Indian spirit to achieve one’s dreams.

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