Hercules Hoists Ltd. marks 43 percent increment in Annual Turnover in FY 2021-22

Hercules Hoists Ltd., a Bajaj Group Company in the material handling solution space, witnessed a 43% growth in the company’s Annual Turnover in FY 2021-22. In addition, the company’s Profit Before Tax has increased by 93%, while the hike in Earnings Per Share has been a whopping 92%. With set higher and well-defined goals, Hercules Hoists has worked on strengthening the relationships with the key customers, launched new products & solutions as per the market requirements, optimized the pricing strategies, improved service policies, streamlined the sales process, and integrated the latest tools & technologies to enable measurable and consistent growth. The latest achievements are also the results of the brand’s focus on international expansion, robust online presence, and customer-centric approach.

Incorporated in 1962, Hercules Hoists Ltd., erstwhile Indef, is a Bajaj Group Company that offers the highest grade quality hoisting solutions and innovative material handling products at an affordable price to the Indian industries. The company shares the capability of catering to the material handling requirements across industry segments, making it a leader in the hoisting solutions space. The list of its diverse range of material handling solutions includes EOT Cranes, Stacker Crane, Manipulator, Wire Rope Hoists, Chain Electric Hoists, Mechanical Hoists, Trollies, and Light Rail Crane. It also specializes in services like Site Support Services, Technical Support Services, and Modernisation, Overhaul & Refurbishment Services. Moreover, it maintains an ISO 9001:2015, ISI, and CE certified Quality Assessment System to retain its leadership position in the market.

In a statement, Mr.Amit Bhalla, President & CEO of Hercules Hoists Ltd., congratulated all the stakeholders for the impressive figures achieved in FY 2021-22. “Since its inception, Hercules Hoists has been consistently working towards championing the material handling solutions space. Needless to say, the company excels in hoisting and material handling technology, solidifying its leadership position in the national market. The latest achievements testify to the same. I would like to take this opportunity to thank all my colleagues, employees, business partners, vendors and company stakeholders for their hard work, dedication, and loyalty. We have come a long way and have longer to go. We want to create, communicate and deliver value through our products and services that are totally aligned to current and emerging requirements of customers and offer our customers, solutions at best ROI.” he said.

For large companies with huge manufacturing units and big warehouses, efficient material handling plays a significant role in lowering the operational cost, protecting the integrity of the goods, increasing the workplace’s productivity, and enhancing the safety and well-being of the workers. Hercules Hoists has successfully mastered the science and art of lifting, shifting, and storing material in any form.

After securing remarkable growth, Hercules Hoists Ltd. is now aiming to emerge as the go-to solution provider for all material handling requirements across the globe.

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