‘Immerse Yourself in the Radiance of Praggya Artists’ Diwali Artistry’

Introducing a first-time artist is always an exciting experience. It’s like witnessing the birth of a new creative force in the art world. Pragya Samor brings a fresh perspective and unique voice to the artistic landscape. Their work is a reflection of her journey, dreams, and emotions, and it has the power to captivate and inspire.

Each piece tells a story, bares her soul, and beckons viewers to embark on a visual journey.

The artistic style of Pragya Samor is often characterized by a fearless exploration of ideas and techniques. She is not bound by conventions or confined within the walls of a specific genre. Instead, she embraces experimentation, pushing boundaries, and challenging the norms of traditional art.

It’s important to acknowledge and support such emerging artists, as they represent the future of creativity. Even though they may not have gained widespread recognition yet, their potential is undeniable.

Here are a few selected artworks from her finest creations:


Dulha Ram” represents the artist’s interpretation of Lord Shree Ramachandra in his Dulha form. Through intricate patterns and a profound, introspective portrayal, the artist has breathed life into Shree Ramachandra’s image. The backdrop adorned with sacred shlokas and the dynamic arrangement of shapes and lines contributes to a vibrant and spiritual composition. This work transcends mere art; it is a piece of the artist’s soul on canvas, extending a unique and personal connection to the divine for viewers.

Type of painting: Acrylic on Canvas

Price Point: 1,50,000 INR



Dulhan Sita” beautifully portrays Sita Mata’s grace and divinity against a backdrop of the sacred “Ram” script. The earthy hues, intricate patterns, and tactile textures in shades of brown, yellow, and vibrant red capture Sita’s character and spiritual significance. This artwork invites viewers to experience a profound connection with Sita Mata through its layers of texture and warm colours.

Type of painting: Acrylic on Canvas

Price Point: 1,50,000 INR



Named “Purv,” this painting encapsulates the mystique of the Orient. The East’s exotic allure has always captivated the artist, leading to this unique portrayal of its rich tapestry. The composition features warm and earthy colours like orange, red, blue, and brown, evoking the essence of the East, reminiscent of its diverse art forms, from ritual bronzes to shadow puppets. This artwork blends modern abstract art with elements of mosaic, inviting viewers on a journey through the Orient’s treasures and enchantment.

Type of painting: Acrylic on Canvas

Price Point: 1,10,000 INR



“Jalmagn” is an artwork that immerses viewers in the underwater world using watercolours. This contemporary piece stands out from the artist’s usual style and captures the depths of Earth’s oceans and seas. The fluidity of watercolours invites viewers to explore intricate elements, from floral patterns to vivid figures and detailed faces. With its psychedelic atmosphere and rich colour palette, “Jalmagn” encourages viewers to embark on a journey of appreciation for Earth’s submerged treasures.

Type of painting: Acrylic on Canvas

Price Point: 1,80,000 INR


Embrace Timeless Beauty Traditions with Old School this Diwali

​​As Diwali approaches, individuals can embark on a journey that beautifully blends beauty with timeless traditions through Old School. Amidst the festivities, one can rediscover cherished age-old practices, delving deeper into the beauty rituals that connect with the traditions defining Diwali as a celebration of light, love, and inner radiance. With carefully selected clean beauty products that embrace vegan, dermatological testing, and cruelty-free standards, one’s self-care resonates with personal values. It’s not just a celebration; it’s a reconnection with the timeless beauty within. This Diwali, celebrate the beauty of tradition with Old School.

Starter Box:

Our product range includes a Hand-picked 63-herb hair elixir, 100ml in size, featuring clean beauty, vegan ingredients, dermatological testing, and cruelty-free certification; Face Cleansers, such as the Arrack of Red Sandalwood and Saffron Cleansing Nectar – Clean Beauty, Vegan, Dermatologically Tested, Cruelty-Free; Face Scrub, like the Arrack of Mango and Lemon Sugar Exfoliating Jelly, meeting clean beauty standards and bearing dermatological testing and cruelty-free certifications; and Lip Butter, a Lip Butter Infused with Beets and Sweet Orange Concoction – Clean Beauty, Dermatologically Tested, Cruelty-Free.

INR: 4410


Yours Curated:

Indulge in a complete self-care experience with our curated hamper. This collection includes a Hand-Picked Roses and Vetiver Toner Mist for a refreshing face boost, a Hand-Worked Red Sandalwood and Saffron Cleansing Powder for a radiant complexion, a Hand-Picked 63-Herb Hair Elixir to nourish your locks, a Tamarind Concoction Body Butter for smooth and supple skin, and an Arrack of Ice Apple and Fruits De-Tan Scrubbing Mask to rejuvenate your face. All products are aligned with clean beauty values, vegan, dermatologically tested, and cruelty-free for your peace of mind. Elevate your self-care game with this thoughtfully curated hamper.

INR: 7170


Little Rituals `for Kids: 

This hamper includes a range of clean and ethical baby care products. It features Grandma’s Body Ubtan, a 250gm handmade creation that embodies clean beauty principles, complete with dermatological testing and cruelty-free certification. The package also contains Grandma’s Salt, a 300gm delight continuing the journey of clean beauty and ethical practices. For your little one’s hair care, there’s Grandma’s Hair Oil, a 100ml bottle of clean beauty, dermatologically tested, and cruelty-free goodness. And finally, don’t miss Grandma’s Massage Oil, also 100ml in size, upholding clean beauty values and cruelty-free standards. Care for your baby the way nature intended.

INR: 4910


Ultimate Festive Offer: Experience the Essence of Diwali with Ajmal Perfumes

Experience the Essence of Diwali with Ajmal Perfumes Ultimate Festive Offer: Bringing the Art of Fragrance Closer to You

Ajmal Perfumes, a name that tells a story of heritage, enterprise and passion. The story of a man, Haji Ajmal Ali, who founded a perfume empire that’s one of the most respected names today. The origins of Ajmal Perfumes can be traced back to a little village called Hojai in Assam, India, where Haji Ajmal Ali ventured into the jungles with nothing more than a dream. A rice farmer by trade, Haji Ajmal Ali was searching for precious Oudh from the Agarwood tree to change his family’s fortunes and the face of perfumery. With Oudh procured by his effort and with some meagre savings, he made the momentous move to Mumbai, the city of dreams, in the 50’s.

The illustrious legacy of Haji Ajmal Ali is now being carried forward by his second and third generation with the same passion and precision. The secret to our expansion is quite simple. We believe in enthralling our customers by catering to their aspirations and “crafting memories” with them. This approach of honesty, innovation and fair business practices gives Ajmal its real scent of success.

Ajmal Perfumes today stands strong as a corporate entity with a vast portfolio of over 300 of the finest and most captivating fragrances. Ajmal has a strong retail presence with over 240+ ‘Crafting Memories’ showrooms across the world. Ajmal also has presence on the international front, currently exporting our exquisite range of products to 50 countries across the world, also being exclusively present at Duty Free locations and Airlines.

In India, Ajmal Perfumes is available at 3000 Points of Sale across various channels: Modern Trade, General Trade, Multi Brand Outlets, and Owned Retail. On e-commerce, Ajmal Perfumes is present across 40-plus websites, where it is one of the biggest single-brand perfumery houses.

The Ultimate Diwali Festive Offer, introduced by Ajmal Perfumes is a commitment to making the art of smelling good accessible at an arm’s length of desire for the consumers. Amongst the festive deals, on purchase of products worth INR. 5,000, you get INR. 4,000 worth Ajmal Perfumes gift of your choice absolutely free. The deals start from INR. 2499 onwards and are available at select Ajmal Perfumes Stores.

In India, Ajmal Perfumes have made perfume an affordable category and have lowered the entry barrier for customers by introducing a wide selection of perfume ranges with prices starting at INR 499 so that more people can participate in the fragrance category. So this festive season please walk into your nearest store and ask the Beauty Advisor for a quick consultation on Ajmal Perfumes offers. The Beauty Advisor will help you arrive at your desired olfactory palette.

In addition to the Ultimate Diwali Festive Offer, has many exciting offers for this festive season.

Commenting on the festive strategy, Abdulla Ajmal – CEO Ajmal Group, said that

“Our commitment to making the art of smelling good accessible to all is unwavering, and this Diwali, we’re excited to introduce the Ultimate Diwali Festive Offer. It’s our way of sharing the joy of fragrance with our customers. When you choose Ajmal Perfumes this festive season, you not only embrace a scent of tradition but also a scent of affordability, with an array of offerings starting at just INR 499.

For more information, please visit:





Boost the Health & Happiness this Diwali with Cosmix’s Supplements, Illuminate the Diva of Mindful Living!

Festivities are around the corner and stress to pick the right gift touches the sky with each passing day. And hence we present to you exquisite DIWALI gifting offerings from Cosmix – a one stop solution for all the healthy body requirements. Celebrate ‘Happy & Healthy Diwali’ with these products. Extending the hamper of love and care to family and friends would change the game of gifting this season. Let’s help our loved ones to keep their fitness in check.    

These unique health benefit jars would be the best-pick to present to your near and dear ones this Diwali. By choosing these, you’re contributing to their health and happiness in a meaningful way.

Please find below further details on the products along with hi-res images and I hope you can hold space for them to feature in our esteemed publication.

1. Healthy Hair

Pick the right ingredient led product to safeguard the strength of your hair.

Healthy Hair by Cosmix has the right mix of ingredients along with all the vital nutrients to support good health of your hair. With the goodness of amla and vitamin C, Healthy Hair makes the best pick to give it to your loved ones. Ingredients remotely sourced and mindfully formulated products add to thoughtful gifting culture.

Available on:

2. Feel Good Skin

What’s more relaxing than to pamper your skin? Amidst the festivities we tend to skip our meals or hog on junk- which reciprocates its effects on our SKIN.

To solve this mere yet impactful problem let’s give out presents mindfully this festive season, and take a moment to show how much we love and care for our loved ones.

Pick the ‘Feel Good Skin’ by Cosmix to get the festive glowy skin like never before. Powered by vitamin C, vitamin E, and antioxidants, this mix is made with plant-based superfoods that nourish your skin from the inside. The Synergistic power of these skin super-herbs gets to the root cause of your skin conditions to restore, replenish and heal your skin.

Available on:

3. All Day Energy

Festivities often make you tired and leave us with no energy. What better source to recharge yourself than to grab on’ All Day Energy’ by Cosmix.

A refreshing adaptogenic blend with herby, citrus notes. The ingredients are clinically proven to fuel your body and mind for better energy and focus. They are rich in minerals, act as gut-detoxifying, and work together beautifully to maintain your body’s natural energy levels. It is rich in Vitamin C and not in caffeine – which means stable, sustained energy all day, without any jitters! One glass of it is enough to sail you through the festive madness.

Available on:

Digital Footprint:



Tradition and Trend with Dragon Hill | Dragon Hill: The Perfect Shirt Brand for Diwali

Diwali, the festival of lights, joy, and celebration, is just around the corner. It’s a time when people exchange gifts as a symbol of love, gratitude, and good wishes. If you’re looking for a unique and thoughtful gift option, allow me to introduce you to Dragon Hill, the perfect shirt brand for Diwali gifting.

Dragon Hill is not just your ordinary shirt brand; it represents a fusion of tradition, craftsmanship, and contemporary fashion. Each shirt is carefully crafted with utmost precision and attention to detail, ensuring high-quality and exquisite designs that captivate the eye.

One of the standout features of Dragon Hill shirts is their vibrant colors and intricate patterns. They take inspiration from the rich cultural heritage of India, incorporating elements of traditional motifs, symbols, and artwork. The combination of these elements results in shirts that are truly works of art, making them ideal for gifting during the festive season.

The brand’s commitment to quality is evident in every aspect of their shirts. From the selection of fabrics to the stitching techniques used, Dragon Hill ensures that every piece stands the test of time. These shirts are made to be cherished and enjoyed for years to come.

What sets Dragon Hill apart from other shirt brands is their dedication to sustainability. They embrace eco-friendly practices in their manufacturing process, using organic materials and promoting fair trade. By choosing Dragon Hill shirts, you’re not only giving a beautiful gift but also supporting a brand that values the environment and ethical production.

In addition to their exceptional craftsmanship and sustainability, Dragon Hill offers a wide range of styles and sizes. Whether you’re looking for a shirt for men or women, casual or formal, you’ll find plenty of options to suit every taste and preference.

So this Diwali, surprise your loved ones with the gift of Dragon Hill shirts. Celebrate the festival of lights in style and make their Diwali even more special with a truly remarkable and thoughtful present.

Here is their collection for the festive season:

1. Navy Blue Pure Linen Shirt With Mandarin Collar

Looking to make a style statement during the festive season, our navy blue pure linen shirt with a fashionable mandarin collar is an excellent choice. Tailored from lightweight and breathable linen fabric, this shirt ensures a cool and stylish appearance. Its versatility also makes it perfect for layering over tees, allowing wearers to effortlessly achieve a chic look.!

MRP: 2799/-

Link to shop:

2. Black Pure Linen Shirt With Mandarin Collar:

Elevate your style with this sophisticated black pure linen shirt, complete with a mandarin collar and long sleeves, making it an ideal choice for any festive event. The clean, pocketless design of this essential piece guarantees a sharp and polished look as you celebrate the season!

MRP: 2799/-

Link to shop :

PFA below for product images and if you are working on any trend stories or Gifting stories it would be really nice if you can consider Dragon Hill for the same. We look forward to your interest and our participation.

You can check them out on:



Radiate Diwali Elegance with Asha Gautam: A Celebration of 25 Years of Tradition

Discover the Beauty of Indian Crafts through these festivities

Label Asha Gautam works closely with weavers and artisans across India to revive the country’s history, culture and heritage, making each creation a masterpiece. After 25 years of travel and collaborations, the brand is currently associated with artisans from 7 states, 15 clusters, and more than 30 Indian crafts. All designs are an amalgamation of modern cuts with rich craftsmanship.

While deeply rooted in tradition, Asha Gautam also offers contemporary fusion styles, blending traditional techniques with modern silhouettes. This approach appeals to those seeking a unique combination of heritage and fashion-forward design. Asha Gautam is celebrated for its dedication to preserving the rich heritage of Indian craftsmanship, especially in Banarasi textiles. The brand is renowned for its meticulously handwoven Banarasi silk sarees and lehengas, which are masterpieces of artistry and quality.

Below are a few styling ideas/talking points suggested and, if you would like to feature Asha Gautam in any of the same:

  1. Classic Elegance with Sarees
  2. How to drape a saree
  3. 4 simple ways to style dupatta this festive season
  4. Modern look with traditional outfit

Embrace the festive spirit by choosing colors like yellow or orange which symbolizes light and positivity, pink for a touch of femininity and grace, red for traditional elegance, and

purple for a modern and chic twist. Adorn a simple Banarasi or Paithani concept saree as it exudes elegance and pair it with Kundan jewellery. For someone who wishes to ace their love for weaves, you could restyle your lehengas in elegant yet easy styles. One can opt for wearing a purple Gharchola bandhani lehenga which can be paired with an organza dupatta with an embroidered border in gota patti and resham. These festive colours exude happiness and celebration in style and magnificence.

Digital Footprints



Remember, stunning beauty products make fantastic gifts for your friends and family.

Spread the joy of beauty this festive season!

Illuminate your face with our vegan Bronzer, choose traditional shades to modern hues for your lips and complete your look with our award-winning Wearified IRL Paris Filter Airbrush Powder Compact.

1. Wearified IRL Paris Filter Airbrush Powder Compact INR 1099/-

The Wearified IRL Paris Filter Airbrush Powder is a super clean, very finely milled, pressed powder that instantly mattifies your skin, with or without makeup. Its formula works well for dry skin, as it does for oily skin types, and everything in between. The Wearified IRL Paris Filter Airbrush Powder comes with the goodness of argan, jojoba, vitamin C and vitamin E.

Link to shop:

2. Wearified Lip Frosting Matte Carrot Caramel Cake Liquid Lipstick INR 999/-

This one from wearified is a pigmented, luxurious formula lipstick which gives you a smooth application in just one stroke because of its heart shaped applicator. The lipstick is a super clean, easy to use one that comes enriched with Shea Butter, Avocado Oil & Vitamin E that blend the experience of makeup with skin care benefits.

It is vegan, high performance, cruelty & fragrance free.

Link to shop:

3. Soft Focus Buildable Bronzer INR 899/-

Introducing the Wearified Soft Focus Buildable Bronzer, another must-have product in our collection. This finely milled powder delivers a sun-kissed glow with a smooth, airbrushed finish. With its buildable coverage, you can achieve a subtle warmth or a more intense bronzed look. The lightweight formula provides long-lasting wear and a soft velvet matte finish that keeps your skin looking radiant. Just like our blush and contour, the bronzer is enriched with Hyaluronic Acid and Mango Butter, offering nourishment while imparting a beautiful tint. Of course, the bronzer is vegan, high-performance, cruelty-free, fragrance-free, oil-free, alcohol-free, nano-ingredients-free, paraben-free, and toxin-free.

Link to shop:

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This festive season, extend your love and care to your little ones,

Gift the bundle of joy and happiness to new parents and add spark to their festive celebrations!

The ideology of the brand is deeply rooted in the ancient teachings of Ayurveda, seamlessly intertwines traditional remedies with contemporary sensibilities. Every product serves as a testament to uncompromised natural purity, meticulously crafted from the finest sustainable ingredients.

  1. Shubh Dipawali Festive Hamper by Baby Forest Ayurveda MRP – 3945/-

The most wonderful time of the year is here, and we have the perfect way to make it even more special—festive gifting with BABY FOREST AYURVEDA! If you are a new mother or would like to nurture your little one with the goodness of Ayurveda this season, we’ve got you covered. A complete festive gifting hamper with body essentials curated for new parents. Get your hands on this one and celebrate the festival of love and lights!

The Rakshak Box contents to safeguard the soft supple skin of your babies and to add to your festive vibes:

  1. Moh Malai Baby Body Lotion
  2. Khilta Mukhra Baby Face Cream
  3. Masoom Mukhra Kids Face Wash
  4. Eco-Friendly Candle
  5. Plantable Seed Crackers – to add light to your festive celebration while protecting the environment.

Link to shop:

Digital Footprints





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