Influencerquipo Presents Best Female Digital Entertainer of The Year- Shweta

Shweta of Bangalore, a mother and a wife, is a travel, fashion and lifestyle blogger. Her main niche, when it comes to her social media, is fashion, hiking, traveling, food and of course, lifestyle. Being a mother and a house maker has never stopped Shweta from doing what she loves. Shweta started her journey as a blogger in October 2017, as a hobby and a fun time. But, once she got into social media blogging, there was no going back. Her passion soon turned into a full-time travel and fashion blogging, and today, she is close to about 50K  followers in her Instagram who loves and enjoys her content!

Hiking and solo trips is something that Shweta truly loves and enjoys. She has been on major treks and hikes at the Himalayas and even Gujarat. Shweta enjoys going on trips with a bunch of unknown people and she always comes back with a bag of memories and new friends from her trips. Let’s just say, making new friends and meeting new people is also one of her favourite hobbies. She has met many new people from different parts of India, and has learned a lot of new things. The experience of traveling alone and meeting new people is always overwhelming yet wholesome and Shweta, even as a mother, has continued with what she loves the most; solo trips. She may be a mother and house maker, but she isn’t a mom blogger, and probably wouldn’t want to be because her husband and her son aren’t really keen when it comes to social media. Which is one of the major reasons why Shweta has kept her personal life apart from her blogging life.

Being a solo traveler and a house maker, there are a lot of questions that comes her way, mainly with regards to how she manages her life, to which she says, “People often comment that being a house-maker and a mother narrows down on what a woman can do, but that’s just a plain myth. You can always take up time to do what you love and enjoy and give your family the time that you should. I am a full-time blogger, and creating everyday content is not easy, but that does not mean I’m only focused on my social media life. I make time for my family and I prioritise my professional and personal life accordingly. It’s all about balancing your life.” Her words truly are inspiring and she is someone a lot of us should look up to.

With the coronavirus out break, Shweta’s travel plans were cut down, and although she continues to travel as much as she can, she did not stop from creating content. She focused her niche largely on fashion and lifestyle, with some amazing fashion hacks and outfits that you can find on her Instagram. Shweta has also worked with some major and amazing brands like Lakmé, Uber, Vodafone, Amazon, Bodycraft salon, BBlunt and much more. Catch her on Instagram @outofvanilla and know where your next travel destination should be!

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