Investment in gold and mutual funds will reap maximum profits for your investment in 2020-2021

Equity mutual funds are your best bet if you are in for the long haul investment during this Covid19 pandemic” says, Strategist and Analyst Hirav Shah, from Hirav Shah Astro strategists consultancy. A financial sand investment strategy company working with clients from across India and globally.

Ahmedabad : The eternal confusion of whether to invest in gold or mutual funds has become even more interesting in 2020. Covid19 pandemic has caused loss of jobs, startups to shut down, multiple business sectors facing an all-time low. But most of all, it has changed priorities. So, what should be your investment priority? 

According to industry experts there are some Interesting facts that the investor should keep in mind. Investing in gold can be either in physical form, sovereign gold bonds (SGBs) or gold Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). Out of these SGBs provide interest as well as price appreciation. Gold prices have surged a record 36% since the beginning of this year and crossed Rs.56,000. As an asset class, gold funds have no default or credit risk. And After the economic crises, gold was the first asset to bounce back in both 2001 and 2008.

 Whereas, food mutual funds on the other hand,according to industry experts, Mutual funds have many broad classifications; so, either regular or direct, equity or debt, sector wise divisions, SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) or lumpsum, and more.Some of the best performing mutual funds have given marvelous annualized returns like 21% for Franklin India Taxshield fund since inception and 13% in the last 10 years. 20% of Mutual funds beat the market in 5 years.

And It is a myth that mutual funds are only for long term. Short term investments can also be made. Although ‘time in’ the market is more important that timing the market in case of mutual funds. 

According to Astro Strategist Hirav Shah, your investment in 2020 should be based on the time period you wish to stay invested. “So, whether you are a short-term contender or a horse  for the long race, here are your options include, Gold investment. It is a better choice for short term as of now. Gold prices are upwards of 56K INR and will show 10-15% rise in the next two months. The period till Diwali is beneficial as gold prices are expected to touch 65-68K. Thereafter the prices will show decline.” Said Mr Hirav Shah.  

According to him, Mutual funds are not suggested for the short term in current scenario.“markets are volatile, which works in favour of gold. And with the US Election on the horizon, the volatility will remain with severe ups and downs for the stock markets.” He added.  

Equity mutual funds are your best bet if you are in for the long haul. History shows that after any economic crises, there is a sharp rise in the markets and that rally is definitely, worth staying invested for. “Over the years, the gains overshadow the losses. You will not only beat inflation but get record returns as well.’ Said experts.  

According toHirav Shah, “2020 is the ‘Year of Gold’.

2021 will be the ‘Year of Mutual Funds’ and both options can prove very lucrative for the investors. So, stay positive, choose wisely and grow your money! May there be a lot of money in your bank account”. 


About the company.

Hirav Shah Astrostrategists consultancy Is a brain child of Hirav Shah. He is an Astro-strategist, and one of the top influencers in the circle of corporates, Hollywood, Bollywood, sports and politics. He believes luck is a factor that cannot be ignored in the equation of success and its inclusion with business principles, makes SUCCESS attainable.

His work has touched the lives of top entertainers from Hollywood to Bollywood, Also famous athletes in both the USA and India. High Net Worth business leaders routinely seek his advice as well as Hirav is able to apply his proven techniques to businesses as well as people, and last but not least he also consults with political parties and leading politicians who are seeking advice and counsel.

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