Michael Arthur Diamonds to Launch Online Ring Building Platform

With the current climate of everything going on in the world, it seems every business is looking for a way to be included in the online marketplace. Ever since the surge of users utilizing online platforms to buy products in the last couple years, businesses that haven’t taken their offerings online have fallen behind, especially in the jewelry industry. Michael Arthur Diamonds, knowing the current climate has decided to take their business online.

Michael Arthur Diamonds is a modern jewelry brand based in Sydney, Australia that was founded 8 years ago. The company quickly rose to prominence after being developed to fill a void for custom engagement rings and wedding rings. They now are recognized as one of the most innovative companies in that niche and are ever expanding now obtaining international clients. The jewelry house ships to over 50 countries and currently hold a stock of over $20 million in live Diamonds.

This past year, Michael Arthur Diamonds has focused on evolving their website and launching their very own one of a kind online ring builder which would allow customers to customize every aspect of their product and order it from their computer or smart device. Michael, owner of Michael Arthur Diamonds spoke about their new project saying, “We saw a gap in the market when it came to helping our clients design their own custom engagement rings and to get a quote on the spot. So, I created an online ring builder where you can build your dream ring & add a live diamond within 60 seconds.” The online platform will bridge the gap between in-store showrooms and the online marketplace for jewelry.

The last two years financially have been incredibly successful for Michael Arthur Diamonds as they ended 2019 and 2020 with $2.6 million and $5.19 million in product revenue. And not to mention, they are quickly on track to turn over $7 million this year. Moving forward, Michael Arthur Diamonds is planning to add online chat and support services to their website and further the personal experience they offer to customers who are unable to visit their storefront in Sydney.

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