Mitali Mehta – The Brewed Fizz Bubble

“There is no passion to be found playing small–in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” Mitali’s approach to life is on similar lines, she believes in putting rigor, dedication, and hard work into everything she indulges in. It’s her perfect recipe for living a balanced and content life- A creatively-focused and vigorously awesome lifestyle that nurtures happiness.

The content queen with an unimpeachable creativity sense. 

Mitali, the name signifies friendship and aptly represents her personality. She has an impeccable smile that projects warmth and care. Professionally, she has been pursuing content creation as her forte. With an experience of over four years, Mitali Mehta has been indulged in various domains of content creation individually as well as with other agencies. She has maneuvered many brands during this tenure and has accomplished many milestones with sheer determination and diligence. As a woman, she has been a motivation for many others and has empowered people in other disciplinary fields as well. She has given a platform to many individuals and freelancers to express their talent, raise their voices, and represent themselves in a more inclusive environment. She envisioned content beyond being just an amalgamation of words but rather a narrative. A juxtaposition of ideas, creativity, imagination, and originality.

Mitali Mehta - The Brewed Fizz Bubble
Mitali Mehta

Digging a little into her personal inclinations!

She is a photography enthusiast who has a keen eye for details and minimalism. Her realism is grounding and her positive, upbeat attitude is electrifying. She represents herself with integrity and portrays confidence in her attitude. She is like a whirling of confetti-filled with zeal and enthusiasm. A travel fanatic especially fond of Sikkim, and hinged to solo traveling. It was during this journey that she captured her first snapshot and wrote a scribbled piece on a tissue on a chilly, cold evening in a car drive back home.

Her passion for her work is intoxicating and contagious. During the lowest point in life where everything appeared purposeless to her, she was acquainted with blogs written by Satya Bratadam, a professional photographer, writer, motivational speaker, and a real traveler. From that point, there was no stopping. She read through his blogs with eyes wide open in broad daylight and dimmed evenings and just at that moment she re-oriented her choices with her likings. His work gave her inspiration to move forth, and a new perspective to content, ideations, and spontaneity.

Every person has a journey, hers might be bumpy but nevertheless inspiring…

For Mitali the journey has been quite challenging but rewarding at the same time. Starting from a position of dilemma post her school life to what field she should pursue to taking life-altering career paths, she has overcome her inhibitions and challenged herself to strive for better. She had her hardships and there were times when everything around her was crumbling but her determination, persuasion, and a little push from her friends and family were enough to drive her in the right direction. She was constantly in a state of dispute with her mind about her choices but was just sure of one thing. She didn’t want to give up and she was passionate about her work. During this period, she came across Bijoy Patel the founder of CompuBrain. Under his guidance, Mitali found her passion for creative content and channelized her energy into polishing her skills and enduring overwhelming challenges to not limit her growth.

Mitali Mehta
Mitali Mehta

The ride from there onwards was mostly uphill where she worked with rigor and got opportunities that she had been desiring. She was valued and appreciated for her capacities and accomplished a lot in a very short span of time. At present, while the pandemic has made times even more ambiguous and contested for all, Mitali has found her peace and sanity within it. She perceived it as an opportunity to tweak the already established and bring a difference to her work patterns and lifestyle. At present, she has been vigorously working as a freelancer and engaged with multiple entities bringing creativity into their régime as well. She feels like a ninja on a mission always active, filled with this ball of energy, productivity oozing out of her like raging fumes. Her expectations from life aren’t too superficial but just lead a happy, imaginative life in the mountains sipping chai from a kulhad and scribbling on any and every piece she finds worth doodling on.

A doodler with a pinch of quirky creativity, and a drop of spontaneity brewed with chunks of enthusiasm is what creates the perfect cuisine named- Mitali Mehta.

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