Multi Mega Mart – Ray of hope for small and medium scale industries

A platform is something that’s very essential for a business to grow and make profits. In a world like today that demands everyone to run and compete for every single thing, it does not reward businessmen even if their products are genuine and better. It demands promotions, advertisements, and good word of mouth from people, and that would draw people to the shops, thereby increasing their customer base and sales. Advertising and promotions play a crucial role in the success of a venture, and that is one of the main reasons for the popularity of big-scale ventures. Unfortunately, small and medium-sized businessmen and businesses could not afford to hire a PR team that would specifically assist businesses in promoting the organization. these small and medium-scale industries and businesses produce and sell top notch products, they fail to attract the people and crowd due to inadequate promotions. In the year of 2017, Archana Singhal opened Multi Mega Mart in Sonepat City to encourage small and medium scale businesses and to provide them with an essential platform to sell their goods and to reach a wide range of people.

Archana Singhal had done a survey on MSME and realised that small and medium industries could not achieve a decent number of profits even if their products are best in class due to the lack of a fine promotional team. At one point, she realised that these small and medium scale industries should also deserve profits, and she could not digest the fact that poor advertising is ruining businesses and many of the small and medium scale industries are not getting the attention and applause they deserve. That’s when the idea of Multi Mega Mart came to her, a polite and generous idea to help small and medium-scale industries by providing them with a suitable platform to grow and gain the necessary exposure.

Multi Mega Mart was started with a mission to reduce unemployment and poverty in India by assisting MSME enterprises and focusing on the Made in India campaign through their marketing, public relations, and direct selling services. They are also determined to promote women’s empowerment by helping and standing with women to become the breadwinners in their families. Multi Mega Mart is determined to provide opportunities and opportunities to MSME and is working with a vision of creating 25 lakh job opportunities in the next five years and playing a key role in increasing our nation’s GDP by upgrading MSME businesses.

Multi Mega Mart is focused towards Women Empowerment by encouraging women to become bread winners in their families through our services of marketing, Public Relations and Direct selling

Multi Mega Mart’s inception is phenomenal and the base idea is the first of its kind in India because it is unconventional by collaborating the four main pillars of ecommerce, affiliate, franchise, and networking. Multi Mega Mart puts an end to the factors that are stopping the small and medium scale industries from growing. Through Multi Mega Mart, all the small and medium scale industries would get the required reach and their best in class would receive the deserved appreciation and acclaim. The Multi Mega Mart is launching in 2022, and the interested manufacturers and distributors can join the Multi Mega Mart by filling in the required fields in the registration forms. Their experts will get in touch with the interested parties.

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