Pavan Wadeyar’s Dollu selected for the Habitat International Film Festival

Pavan Wadeyar’s first production with Apeksha Purohit’s Wadeyar Movies, Dollu, has been making waves at national and international film festivals. On May 10 at 2 PM, Dollu will be screened at the Habitat International Film Festival, Delhi.

Dollu is based on the popular folk art form Dollu Kunitha and has already been selected for the Dhaka International Film Festival and Dallas ft Worth South Asian Film Festival (virtual). It examines the effects of urbanisation on local art forms. Recent recognition of the film was the Dadasaheb Phalke 2021 award, given for the best Kannada film, in conjunction with the Innovative International Film Festival.

The film won the Special Jury Award, Best Regional Feature film, and Best Debutant Director of a regional feature film at the International Film festival held in Rajasthan

It won the best Indian film at the Kaleidoscope International film festival held at Boston, America. Dollu was amongst the nine Indian films that were selected for the international film festival held in Chennai.

Dollu is the debut film of the National Award winner director Sagar Puranik. Karthik Mahesh and Nidhi Hegde play the lead roles along with Babu Hiraniah, Chandra Mayur, Sharan Suresh. Ananth Kamath has scored music for the film and camera work is done by Abhilash Kalathi.

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