Rajat Chauhan – The winner of the claim to life

Life has limitless opportunities to offer anyone living it. It is you who has to be fast enough to get hold of the hint and design and structure things, whitewashing every possibility and endeavor therein.

Rajat Chauhan, an enthusiast who had the ample courage to chase after life to grab what he believes is his, i.e. the satisfaction of living. Rajat Chauhan is an engineer and a comedian by profession. It is his dreams he prides to be living, using his passion, dedication and hard work to savor himself a glide that holds a charismatic compliance. Having lived 8 years in and for this passion, he would love to do it all over again.

Rajat Chauhan, who is known for his outstanding delivery of performance, has a record of 700 shows till date and the count is still on. Rajat Chauhan, was born in a middle class family. Like any other child, he had his dreams. Growing up, he came across every piece of the hardship puzzle, any middle class family faces.

Rajat Chauhan, made it an aim of his life to not to surrender to the lifeless existence of a mere 9 to 5 but to work hard to claim his own pride. Thus, Rajat Chauhan worked relentlessly, chased after his dreams and went all in to grab what is his. Today the layers that he has added to his middle class family exclaims it all.

Rajat Chauhan, is a light that holds an aesthetic sparkle which won’t hurt your eyes but will be bright enough to maybe be your guide. He is an escape for the people from reality, where in stance he attaches them to the real meaning of it. Rajat Chauhan, a family comedian, whose work is loved by families and extends to corporate industry.

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