Recently appointed Chairman of GCNI Shubham Chaudhary meets BJP National President JP NADDA

New Delhi: Chairman of GCNI Shubham Chaudhary met BJP National President JP Nadda in Delhi BJP head office on Tuesday. The meeting was about the further growth in the grappling sport of India and also to pay gratitude to the BJP for helping to promote sports in India.

The Grappling Committee of North India is a body for the grappling sport in India. It helps to develop and control the various grappling sports in India. It helps provide a perfect platform for talented grapplers with new opportunities to secure a pro-grappling career. Promoting the same fact, Shubham had a word with JP Nadda to promote the presence of grappling in India and accost for further growth and a better future.

The GCNI operates under the Aegis Wrestling Federation of India, which is affiliated with the government body – Ministry of Youth and Sports and the Indian Olympic Association. The term grappling is a form of martial arts techniques and maneuvers that is incorporated into combat sports such as wrestling, judo, sambo, and jiu-jitsu. Talking about the promotion of Grappling, Shubham quoted, “India is an emerging sporting nation and there is a huge improvement in sports and progressively improving in international sporting events. India is a country of talented people and providing such a platform will help India to open up more space to unite across the globe. The BJP government has always supported Indian sports and today India has established a good place all over the world.”

Shubham is a politically active youth leader and also the youngest chairman of GCNI. He has always been very active when it comes to the growth of India in the coming future. With a passion for sports, he is also a member of the Cultural Council of the Centre for Global Auditorium. Other than politics, he has a strong association with the film industry and is known as a producer for many Bollywood songs.

Today, the sports industry in India is seeing a lot of growth. Around the world, the sports industry is considered to be one of the largest when it comes to fructifying employment and revenue. Understanding such a sequence, India today is moving towards a plethora of sports that results in an increase in participation and viewership.

While speaking about the purpose of the meeting, Shubham said that there is a great future lying ahead when it comes to the growth of the Indian sports industry. Grappling is a way and a perfect vision for reaching the doors of the Olympics while preserving the culture, philosophy, and lineage of India. “Today, India is considered as a powerhouse, and it’s not surprising that we account for the highest number of medals in the Olympics and commonwealth games. With more improved facilities and support, grappling (one of the oldest sports in India) can be stretched to a new level. The meeting was very fruitful and came out with amazing plans for the future. Special thanks to JP Nadda Sir, for discussing the future initiatives and for the maximum support.”

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