Sachin Arora: A name in realty to be known

Do you have an interest in real estate? then you must be familiar with the Noida real estate market and if you are interested in Noida real estate then you must be aware of one of the giant name of NCR Real Estate Market, that is Investors Clinic which is also world’s No.1 Real Estate Service Company (as per Golden Book of World Records). When we talk about Noida and Investors Clinic, how can we forget to talk about Katiyal Brothers (founder of Investors Clinic). But other than this, you cannot miss one more name about whom you are aware of or interested in knowing or if you are thinking of opting real estate as a career then you mighty interest yourself for this Single name, the Director of Investors Clinic, Mr. Sachin Arora, who at a very tender age has set milestones in the real estate industry.

Sachin Arora: An ordinary simple looking, newly college pass out who has become the Director of the company where he started as a trainee. Always a happy being, who greets everyone with a sparkling smile over his face, always energetic and a hard-working soul who can cross over every limit of dedication and determination to achieve his goals and set targets, This spirit makes Sachin Arora, the real “Sachin Arora”. In 2010, Sachin joined his company as a sales associate portfolio management, the most initial level of an employee and achieved most senior post in just 7yrs and Became Director in the Company. Now he is moving forward along with a team of 200+ teammates (whom he considers his extended family) of the same spirit.

Along with Sachin Arora, his Diwali Celebration Party is always in buzz in the town for the real estate industry. Sachin, where in 2020, has distributed 26 cars, 12 properties and gifts worth lakhs in his team on Diwali celebration, moving forward continuing this in the year 2021 has distributed 56 cars, 8 two-wheelers and 7 properties, LEDs and Mobiles along with many more gifts worth lakhs. His Diwali Celebrations are no lesser to any filmfare in the field of real estate. If you want to build your career in real estate then getting an opportunity to work with Investors Clinic could be considered as a golden opportunity and over that too if you get to work under supervision of Sachin Arora’s team that would be considered as another Gem in the Crown. Another very known fact about him is that he is a believer and he thanks god over every single Achievement in his journey of life. Along with this, he never forgets to give credit to his real estate mentors, Deepak Chhabra & Honey Katiyal (the founder of Investors Clinic). Today he has become a much inspiring face for those who are looking towards real estate for their career.

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