Salam Al-Edani: The Genius Entrepreneur and the best Event organiser in the Arab World

“To be poor or Rich is never a subject of luck, it is always a matter of choice and decision.” says Salam Al-Edani an ace entrepreneur, owner of @alserajcompany and wizard in event management. Salam Al-Edani is one the most influential names in the financial market of Iraq as a genius businessman, organizer of parties and events in the Arab world. He is also the most influential activist of the country on social networking sites.

Success wasn’t served on a silver platter to this Maestro Entrepreneur. Salam Al-Edani comes from a humble background and a family which was financially weak. As a child he was raised with Principles and strong values and that has brought him a long way. Entrepreneur Salam Al-Edani shares “StayIng ambitious and having high goals is something that is most important in your life. I don’t have fancy degrees but I have my life as my teacher and it has actually helped build my character and career.”

As a Self-Made Entrepreneur, Salam Al-Edani built himself from scratch, passed all the obstacles of life until he found the right direction. He is a source of motivation, inspiration and guidance to the young entrepreneurs. He always presses on the realization that if you have a goal, a plan and determination in your life together with the right Strategy, everything is possible.

Entrepreneur Salam Al-Edani believes that each and everyone of us has at least one such quality which can make all our dreams come true. It is for us to identify that skill and sharpen it so as to get the most out of our lives. There are and there will always be criticism and we will have to work on ‘how to face criticism’ and not on ‘how to remove criticism’. If you as a person cannot take criticism then it is something you should worry about because no one is perfect and goodness is in taking feedback positively rather than just being adamant.

He is a strong believer of expertise and Genius, he believes that if you have adequate knowledge of a field then success is just a matter of a little hard work and time. Entrepreneur Salam Al-Edani has more than 246k followers on his Instagram where he actively shares snippets from his personal as well as private life and also shares tips and tricks to level up your financial growth.

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