The story of 23-year-old college dropout from Indore to founding a 4 crore valuation company in less than 27 months

Today, we are delighted to share with you The story of 23 year Old College Dropout from Indore To Founding a 4 Crore Valuation Company In Less Than 27 Months (105 Weeks)

This is the story of Himanshu Agrawal. He is a 23-year-old and Now Let’s jump back to his Early Life as a Student In his 8th & 9th Classes, He was attracted to entrepreneurship. 

In the beginning, when the class reads about R.D. Sharma, he used to learn 0-1 When class was reading about F.C.Verma he used to learn about how to start a startup and do a business. Soon he realizes that school Was not the right fit for him.

His passion for gaming led him to start an Xbox rental business after he asked his mother for Rs.18000 to purchase a new Xbox while he was in 9th Class.

At that time, his father owned a shop at Khatiwala tank and they earned around ₹22,000 each month from the store as he came from a middle-class family

One day, he convinced his mom to give him Rs. 18000 so that he could start the Xbox business and then he purchased the Xbox gaming console that he rented to a shop and he received a good response afterward.

He purchased some More CDs of Xbox and you people can’t Believe A 9th Class Student He Started making around ₹ 1,500/month Passive income From his Xbox rent Business so he had success in his first business.

Then he decided that he wanted to scale his income & business so at that time he also started a photography business with his friend. He has a way to let people know that, for example, your Facebook profile picture is not looking great or your Instagram Photo is Ugly It Could be even better.

That’s how he used to comfort his friends and started getting customers for his Photography business and he started earning ₹45,000 Per Month When he was in his 10th Class.

Even so, he felt he wanted to make more money, so he started a cloth renting business. By 17, when he was in 12th College, he was making a nice living.

After Completing his 12th Education His College is about to start and that’s where he found his Co-founder Himanshu Mishra together they started a social network (anti facebook) that is not addictive to people.

Despite going through issues, he again established a company called FIBHUB along with the same founder. It was a story-writing platform, and he grew it to the next level. A platform where the New York Times bestsellers started writing on their platform, but after a while, he lost interest and quit the company.

After that, he joined & Worked in BPO For 1 Year at a salary of Rs.12,000 Per Month, and with the pretty experience, he also Tried & Applied for a job at amazon which is Indore’s biggest company at that time. 

A very well-paying job was offered to him, but he lost interest in it and he couldn’t see any growth in his life so he quit his Amazon Job as well.

This is also partially because in Indore he heard about a Popular sales coach, so he went to his Seminars, and he saw how he made 6 lakhs by selling information, and that’s where Himanshu got shocked at the prospect of this opportunity and its income potential.

He joined the Coach Team to learn Sales & Public Speaking From Him That’s How he started his journey as a business coach with a per month income of 6,000 INR. 

From His Previous years of experience, Working in Different Fields & He gains a Lot of Knowledge about the coaching & Consulting Industry

Himanshu has learned a lot about the industry from different types of coaches and mentors over the years. It’s an area he’s studied very deeply.

He Started & Scaled His Agency & Coaching Business to ₹1 Lakh Per Month Organically Without Spending Dime On Advertisement

This Is How ICE (Internet Coaching Empire) NEW CHANGE Was Born.

This is how he started his new company, Internet Coaching Empire (ICE). It was launched in 2020 by Himanshu Agarwal to get the best for the business. As a professional internet business coaching company, 

Internet Coaching Empire offers you a unique combination of expertise and professionalism for establishing a successful Internet business.

From beginners to well-established service providers, Internet Coaching Empire has assisted them and continues to do so. As of date, Internet Coaching Empire has completed four case studies from top to bottom and has taught and mentored thousands of students across the globe and 25 lakhpatis too. 

Everyone who has been guided and mentored by the Internet Coaching Empire has hit & Earned six-digit income as a beginner and has gone up to Even Seven Digits.

In no time at all, your business will skyrocket to six to seven figures with Internet Coaching Empire Well-Curated Highly Focused Specifically, And Well Structured Results Driven Courses.

In the words of Himanshu, “The only thing all users need to do is to trust the process and complete all tasks and responsibilities in good faith.” The market is full of such courses that cost lacs of rupees and give nothing in return. 

At internet Coaching Empire They mainly highlight &Himanshu says, “We help people grow their business 10x without spending on advertisements & even with no expensive software & Tools.” 

We know that Companies spend a huge amount on these things with no guaranteed positive outcome, but that’s not the case with the Internet Coaching Empire.

You can have a look at the testimonials and reviews of the services and courses that are offered by Himanshu on his Website and his YouTube channel. Within the short period of its establishment the Internet Coaching Empire has built a huge base of loyal and highly satisfied learners. 

Now Internet Coaching Empire provides various services such as workshops, consultancy services, the know-the core element of building a coaching enterprise on the internet, and EduTech knowledge and they assist specialists and service providers in strengthening their companies and structuring it from the core. 

Internet Coaching Empire is a customer-centric company that focuses on process and outcome more than numbers and income stats. This unique approach has made the company a huge success, and this makes Internet Coaching Empire different from all others that are already in the market. 

The various other challenges that Internet Coaching Empire faced were building and developing a dependable revenue stream for the company, and building a young and passionate team. 

Currently, all the members employed are a maximum of 22 years old. Himanshu Says “The most challenging and exciting part was ensuring that consumers receive the desired outcome,”

Now, As a part of the expansion of the Internet Coaching Empire, they aim to establish an ecosystem of specialists and service providers for the current world and revolutionize the industry with a unique and unconventional approach.

The Story of 23 Year Old Dropout to Building a Company Valued More Than 4 Crore Currently

Today Himanshu Agrawal At the Age of 23, is a Coach & Consultant and He Helps experts and service provider start and grow their consulting business And Help them Reach 5,6 And Even Multiple 7 Figure Income 

Now Himanshu even consults with MNCs and Top influencers of the country to build valuable business empires. Internet Coaching Empire’s objective is to create impact, revolutionize the coaching industry and increase the company’s sales to multiple seven figures and expand multi-fold.

The journey that started with passion and interest has now expanded its horizon in Himanshu Life. Now He invites everyone and anyone from any background to jump on board and change the world as an expert or service provider.

Now Himanshu has A Vision To “Make India a 5 Trillion Dollar Economy “ That Set & His Fully Committed To his Mission and you can also be a part of this Journey.

Do you want to know more about him, how he can help you Kick-Start your business Or If you are Looking for a way to increase the sales & revenue of your business By 10x Then Everyone Can Visit His Official Website:

Thank You To Everyone I Hope You Learned Something new TODAY.

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