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The thirst of Maharashtra: Story of a water crisis in Maharashtra

For some people, water is just a tap away. However, for some, it entails being in line in front of a well which sometimes goes completely dry just to quench their thirst. This is what Yash Mane and his team of NGO Yuva Prerna Pratishthan saw when they visited a village called Kundachapada. This inspired them to help the village by donating drinking water with whatever resources they have today. They faced many obstacles on our way which includes getting robbed, being threatened etc. However, these obstacles did not derail the team in achieving their mission. The results shown in the photo depict the water crisis in the village. After that, they decided to donate, 15000 litres of drinking water to farmers in JAWHAR district.

In India, there are so many problems that every Indian farmer face but sometimes these problems are not dealt with or dealt poorly due to which farmers commit suicide and lose their lives. This is very common in India. But what is the main reason for these suicides. In this video, they are talking about Indian farmers and poor villagers and their problems but they think we all need to come together and support our commerce facing water problems.

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