Transform your health with Dt Sunny Gupta

Dt Sunny Gupta has many achievements and accolades to his name having a client base across all continents internationally. Dt Sunny Gupta has earned a reputation for himself as an expert of weight loss and customized detox plans. Recently, Dt Sunny Gupta was featured in Times Health Warriors magazine from Times of India Group

In order to lead a healthy lifestyle, it is very important to know your body and understand what type of diet and exercise will help achieve your fitness goals.

We come across Gujarat’s most trusted dietitian & lifestyle Counselor, Dt Sunny Gupta founder of 24 Refresh Fitness & Weight Loss Centre. He is an experienced and qualified Dietitian and Detox Expert.


Over the years, Dt Sunny Gupta has helped 1000+ people to lose weight and manage health conditions across India and from different parts of the world. He helps people to lose weight, improve digestion, balance hormones and strengthen immunity.

Weight Loss Mantra:

Dt Sunny Gupta specializes in weight loss management and detox diet. They are the pioneers in launching basic to advance level detox plans in Gujarat which demands a lot of research and study of this field. He uses a holistic approach combining nutritional therapy and exercise to provide a customised plan to clients that will restore digestive function and promote optimal health. Dt Sunny provides recipes based on organic and sustainable food sources which are packed with flavour and will rebuild your body from the inside out.

Transform your health with Dt Sunny Gupta

Global Advise:

Dt Sunny Gupta believes in giving right advice to right person which has earned him clients from across the world who take his diets virtually and have been highly satisfied. He has achieved a unique feet having clients from all seven continents of the world.

Being the only dietician from the city who organizes ‘Diet Awards’ to motivate patients -which have gained tremendous popularity among people, Dt Sunny says, “We regularly organize diet awards and felicitate people who have achieved exemplary results. This unique concept motivates people to strive harder.”

Dt Sunny Gupta has done extensive research on detox plans and recipes which makes his diet plans quite popular among people. He keeps on posting various tips and recipes which makes him one of most followed dieticians across the country on all social media platforms. 

In a nutshell, Dt Sunny Gupta’s unique speciality as a practising consultant dietician has earned him a successful career that has helped change the lives of many.

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