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The Indian Alert, a renowned platform known for its dedication to delivering timely and accurate news, proudly presents the highly anticipated list of the Top 10 Influential Women of The Year 2023 in association with Digisharks Communications. This collaboration signifies a merging of two powerhouses committed to amplifying the voices and achievements of extraordinary women who have made indelible marks on various fields.

1). Apoorva Pandey – Advocate Practicing Matrimonial & Criminal Law:- Apoorva Pandey is one of the leading legal luminaries in the field of Matrimonial and criminal law. She has an experience of over 10 years of practicing law in various courts in India. In these years of practicing law, she has dealt with a multitude of eclectic and diverse cases pertaining to Matrimonial issues, Domestic Violence, Hindu Marriage Act,  Criminal Law and White Collar Crimes. She has been honored as an International recipient of the Lex Falcon Awards under the category of ‘Emerging Legal Falcon’ for her achievements in the Legal industry in the fields of Matrimonial Law, White Collar Crimes and Criminal Law. She has also been a speaker at a panel discussion organized by Cambridge University, Graduate Law Society on the topic ‘Future of Virtual Courts’

2). Dr. Taara Malhotra  Founder of Divine Energy Bliss:-  Dr. Taara Malhotra a Psychic & Clairvoyant, based in Delhi, holds the esteemed title of “Tarot Queen” in the World Book of Records. With an impressive collection of 182 Tarot and Oracle Decks, her remarkable talent in reading and predicting outcomes has gained global recognition. With over 15 years of experience, she is the President of Holistic Council, Chamber of Trade & Industry & Vice President WHRO.
As India’s first psychic on Discovery Channel & seen regularly on TV & Media she is celebrated for her expertise in Tarot reading, astrology, Lama Fera healing, Numerology, Coffee Cup Reading, Angel Healing, Maha Kali and other divine modalities. She is also an astrologer & numerologist for many celebrities & politicians of India.
She has been guiding, consulting & teaching people across the globe and has written book “ Mindful Miracles”.

3). Dr. Neha Mishra Founder & CEO of jus Heal Physiotherapy & Wellness Center:- Advance Rehab Specialist in Musculoskeletal & Sports Injuries. IDF (INDIAN DEVELOPMENT FOUNDATION) brand ambassador creating awareness about health and wellness pan India. First Aid certified. Faculty at Gayo Academy. Corporate Trainer. Soft skill Trainer.  Sports Psychology, Nutrition. Mumbai sub-coordinator Indian Association of Physiotherapist (WIAP). A Review Board Member of AS Orthopedics journal from Acta Scientific Open International Library. Advisory Board member at Bloom. Corporate trainer.

Jus Heal is a leading health and wellness organization dedicated to promoting physical and mental well-being. Our services include fitness training, nutrition guidance, stress management, and overall health education. With a team of experienced and certified professionals, we have a track record of positively impacting lives through our programs.

4). Manmeet Saini  Founder& CEO of Phygiverse Solutions Pvt Ltd:- Manmeet Saini, one of the “Top 10 Influential Women of 2023,” guided by the belief that “The mind is everything; what you think, you become,” has led to over a decade of remarkable success. With a keen eye for detail and a talent for combining extremes, Manmeet has orchestrated large-scale events. She recognizes that alongside technical knowledge, skills like problem-solving, communication, and adaptability are vital for success. Her quest for knowledge took her to diverse programs, including Harvard’s Religion, Peace and Conflict Management. Privileged to be part of the “Transforming India, Transforming World” mission, where she interacted with noble visionaries and dynamic leaders like the Honourable Prime Minister of India – Shri Narendra Modi.

5). Dr. Y Rakhi  Tarot Card Reader &  Astrologer:- Dr. Y Rakhi, a globally renowned astrologer, stands out for her extraordinary talents. Hailing from Delhi, her early life was unassuming, yet her intellect set her apart. Defying societal norms, she pursued education, graduating from Banasthali Vidyapeeth, Rajasthan. Despite early marriage challenges, Rakhi’s thirst for learning persisted. She delved into diverse aspects of astrology, mastering Feng Shui, Vastu Shastra, Numerology, Color therapy, and Tarot Card reading. YouTube became her chosen platform, sharing profound insights. Despite obstacles, she garnered a vast social media following. Dr. Y Rakhi’s precise predictions and transformative remedies have touched countless lives, earning her numerous accolades and a prominent TV presence. Her steadfast dedication continues to spread wisdom and positivity, leaving an indelible mark in astrology.

6). Dr Subhash Rani – Motivational Speaker writer – Indian Beauty The Best:- Dr. Subhash Rani is a beacon of change in Kolagarh Village. Her mantra, “Make life memorable, not just remembered” drives her mission for positive transformation. With a unique perspective, she tackles India’s social, economic, educational, and gender-based issues. Dr. Rani’s goal is to inspire education and social welfare, advocating that cooperation, not cutthroat competition, is the path to lasting success. Her wisdom encapsulates it: “Competition = Better Result, But Cooperation = Awesome Result.” Dr. Subhash Rani’s journey exemplifies an individual’s power to bring change, serving as an inspiration for Kolagarh and the nation, reminding us to bridge disparities through cooperation.

7). Rachneet Kour Jaggi Managing Director of Vishwas Study Visa LLP:-Rachneet Kaur Jaggi, the venerable titan in the realm of visa consultancy, stands as the distinguished Managing Director of Vishwas Study Visa LLP in Ambala City. With an illustrious career spanning 15 years, she epitomizes a trailblazer and luminary in the field. Her company’s legacy of 26 years underscores her profound expertise and enduring commitment.

As a visionary leader, Rachneet Kaur Jaggi has been instrumental in facilitating the aspirations of thousands of students and families, aiding their relocation and settlement abroad. Her journey is a testament to resilience and fortitude, shaping her into a self-made luminary of unparalleled distinction.
Notably, Rachneet Kaur Jaggi extends her influence beyond the corporate sphere, actively engaging as a member of numerous influential NGOs, showcasing her dedication to philanthropy and social impact.
In the echelons of the visa consultancy landscape, Rachneet Kaur Jaggi stands as a paragon of excellence, an emblem of success, and a guiding light for aspiring entrepreneurs and changemakers alike.

8). Kumari Swetam  Director of Indiana Maritime Pvt Ltd:- A distinguished graduate of Delhi University with a wealth of teaching experience, she embarked on a new chapter after 15 years of her marriage and raising two young children, She refocusing her career in Human Resources. Following the completion of Post Graduation from Delhi University and a fruitful stint in education, She took a bold step into entrepreneurship, establishing her own company in 2016. Driven by a resolute vision and an unwavering commitment to excellence, I swiftly garnered recognition in both the fiercely competitive IT and Non-IT sectors.

As a dynamic and accomplished Director, She is not only achieved remarkable levels of success, but also emerged as an inspiring figure in the corporate landscape, leaving an indelible mark on the industry.

9). Ms Krushangi Chandekar Founder & CEO of  Konsilio Media Pvt Ltd:-Krushangi is the founder and CEO of Konsilio Media Pvt Ltd ( With over eight-plus years of combined experience in the event management industry, Krushangi and her fellow founders are well-versed in delivering exceptional event solutions. Konsilio is your gateway to exceptional artist bookings in India, Dubai and Singapore to name a few. Konsilio Media is a catalyst for elevating events through strategic artist bookings and event management. By leveraging our extensive network of top-tier celebrities, musicians, and artists, we empower your events to transcend the ordinary and become star-studded sensations. Our success stems from a diverse roster and a data-driven approach to personalized booking services. We meticulously plan every detail, from contract negotiations to seamless execution, ensuring a flawless event. Clients worldwide trust us for crafting unforgettable, star-studded experiences. In the coming years, Konsilio Media aims to undertake projects to create unique IPs in the music industry.

10). Dr. Kavyachand Yalamudi CEO of Khavyaa Hospitals –KHAMMAM:- First Endocrinologist, First Lady Physician and First AI equipped Hospital in Khammam. She is one of the best doctors in Telangana

She is Fellow of Royal Society for Public Health. She is one of Top 10 ‘35 under 35’ Entrepreneurs in Insight Success Magazine in India.

Source Link: The Indian Alert

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